Friday, 1 December 2017

Review: Blessix Silk & Shine Eye Gel

Hi loves! I have dry under eye area and I have been testing Blessix Silk & Shine Eye Gel (15ml, €24.90).

It comes golden bronze metal jar and has the brands logon the cap. The formula of the eye gel feels light weight. It has light apricot shade to it and also it has bit of shimmer to it, which is really fine. It contains silk proteins, organic oils, aloe vera, fluorescent pigments and antioxidants. It fits all skin types. It reduces look of fatigue and provides hydration to deeper layers of epidermis.   
One of the first things I noticed when I started using this eye gel is how fast it sinks into the skin. It instantly brightens up the under eye area and makes me look rested. It also provides hydration and make the under eye area look less dry. It did soften the look of fine lines under my eye, but it didn't take them away completely. It might work for me better when the summer comes, because this time of the year my under eye area is extra dry.

I do like the eye gel, because of the formula. I love how fast it sinks into my skin, it doesn't irritate my eyes and I do have sensitive eyes. Also like the brightening effect it gives me. I can make it work for me this time of the year, if I also use more eye masks, which I do every year, because just eye gel/cream is not enough for me. If you are interested in it you can check it out here.

Have you tried anything from the brand before?

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Review: Naobay HydraPlus Cleansing Milk

Hi loves! This weekend I was in Amsterdam, thats why this post wasn't up on the weekend. My skin has been more to the dry side, because of the cold weather and I have switched out my cleanser and use Naobay HydraPlus Cleansing Milk (200ml, 16.00 EUR). The ingredients are 99.47% natural origins and 15.65% from all the ingredients are from organic farming.

The cleanser comes in a plastic bottle and I need to squeeze the product out, which I find is not the best packaging for this type of product. Maybe it would work better if there is a pump. 

This is for dry skin type. It contains aloe vera, apple, marshmallow extract and sweet almond oil. It also contains oil from coconut palm tree, which provides great cleansing and exfoliating action. The formula of the cleaning milk is more to the thicker side and I apply it on dry skin. I massage the skin gently with it and then wash it off with water. It removes all the dirt the makeup remover didn't and doesn't make my skin dry or tight.

After I started using this cleanser my skin feels and looks brighter and plumper. It doesn't strip the skin, but cleanses it throughly without being too much. I left it home this weekend when I was in Amsterdam and my skin right away felt drier and didn't look its usual self. I feel it provides the hydration to my skin needs, which it lasts all night and also the next day. I'm so impressed with it.

If you are interested checking it out and you are in Belgium, I'll leave the link here. Rest of the world can see it here.

Do you change your skincare routine in fall/winter?

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Review: Joik Rejuvenating & Tightening Chocolate Facial Mask

Hi loves! I love chocolate and I adore it in my skincare/makeup. Today's post is on Joik Rejuvenating & Tightening  Chocolate Facial Mask (50g, 10.90€) and it smells like chocolate and also looks like melted chocolate on skin :)

The mask comes in a plastic jar and the mask is in powder form. The mask is for tiered and stressed skin, which I feel like I get this time of the year. This is also 100% natural product (all their products are natural).

Key ingredients:
  • Rhassoul Clay - helps to absorb oils and impurities. Also tones and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Milk Powder - softens and smooths the skin.
  • Honey - soothes and moisturize the skin.
  • Cocoa Powder - is full of vitamins and antioxidants. It helps to tone, rejuvenate, lift and hydrate the skin

How to use:
Mix one tea spoon of mask with same amount of water (you can also use milk or herbal tea) together. I apply it on dry cleansed skin and keep it on 10-15 minutes. Its recommended to use once a week and fits all skin types. After 10 minutes I remove the mask with warm water. I also massage my face gently when removing it and it works as a gentle exfoliater, removing all the dead skin cells. 

My skin feels after the mask lifted, smooth and brighter. You can see the results for yourself on the before and after picture down below. I feel like this mask makes my pores look smaller and also cleaner.

I love this mask as a once a week treatment. It would be otherwise too drying for my oily skin. I feel it deeply cleanse my skin and gets all the dirt out and leaves me brighter and smoother skin. Also it smells good enough to eat ;) If you wanna check it out for yourself you can do so here.

Do you like masks you need to mix yourself?

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Review: Bellapierre Volume Lash Waterproof Mascara

Hi loves! I have been more into mineral makeup and have been testing out Bellapierre Volume Lash Waterproof Mascara (9ml, $20.00). They make all mineral makeup and its not tested on animals.

This mascara gives tons of volume and the formula of it is waterproof, so it doesn't smudge or flake on me. It comes with a rubber brush, which I usually don't like, but with this formula I love it. It separates my lashes and gives all my lashes even coat of product. The formula contains vitamin E and castor oil, which help to strengthen the lashes and keeps them in good condition. 

I was worried the waterproof formula will be hard to remove, but its not the case. It comes easily off with oil cleanser and also with regular makeup remover. I was really happy about that, because stubborn mascaras make me loose lashes and that makes me unhappy. No worries with this one and it also didn't irritate my sensitive eyes.

If you are wondering how it looks on my lashes, you can see it on the demo video down below. Just to let you know I naturally have already long and full lashes and in this video or in real life I never curl my lashes. 

I'm so happy with this mascara and it gives me the false lash effect and it never clumps on me :) Couldn't be more happy with the mascara. If you are interested in this mascara you can check it out here.

Whats your favorite mascara at the moment?

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Review: Ontic Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow | Sunrise in Tartu, I Think I'm Pink, Give me the Starts

Hi loves! I picked up few months ago 3 new to me Ontic Minerals Mineral Eyeshadows and the shades are Sunrise in Tartu, I Think I'm Pink and Give me the Starts (9.95 EUR, 2g). You can see my last post on the brand here. If you don't know its brand, its from Estonia and they make natural mineral makeup, which is not tested on animals and is vegan.

Their shadows comes in a little jars and I like that between the shifter and the cap there is no empty space, so the product doesn't come out and its not a mess to use it. I wish more mineral makeup brands would come out with this type of packaging. I love I can take these with me to go.

They use 100% pure minerals in their shadows and these can be used dry or wet. The formula also contains vitamin E and jojoba oil. All 3 shade I have are gorgeous! These are pigmented, long lasting and easy to blend out. I have been using these with other powder shadows and these all work well together. 

Down below you can see swatches and I did use primer under the shadows (NYX glitter primer), because this is how I use them myself and its a loose shadow. That way its much better and easier to apply.

  • I think I'm Pink - is the lightest pink I own. It does look more white here, but its actually light pink with soft shimmer in it.
  • Sunrise in Tartu - is a light burned orange with hint of peach to it, which looks gorgeous in the crease. It does have bit of glow to it, but its not too much that I would feel uncomfortable applying it in the crease. I'm the weird one who does not apply shimmer in the crease. It looks just wrong to me.
  • Give me the Stars - is a orange brown shade with golden glitter in it, which is very fine and not noticeable at all. I also have been using it in the crease to darken things up and it goes well with the previous shadow I mentioned.

I haven't had any issue with these shadows from Ontic Minerals. These didn't crease on me or fade through out the day. Also these didn't irritate my sensitive eyes. 

If you are interested checking out their mineral shadows (they also have pressed shadows) you can do so here. I personally really them and I have a discount code for you and you get 20% off your order with laura20 (its not an affiliate  code). it lasts till 2 of December.

Do you like mineral makeup? Which is your favorite brand?

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Review: Blessix Hair Silk + Vitamins

Hi loves! Last time I was in Estonia I picked up  Blessix Hair Silk + Vitamins (200ml, €14.90), you can see the haul post here. Its a new to me Estonian beauty brand, which makes natural skincare, hair and body care products. I have 2 more items from them to test out, so keep an eye on the blog for upcoming posts, but now lets continue with this review.

This is perfect for dry, weak and damaged hair. I have color treated hair, which already is dry, so I definetly need this. It contains silk, panthenol, calcium panthotenate and vitamins A, E, B8 and H. These all give hair beautiful shine, makes it smooth and hydrates. It also protects the hair from hot and could (perfect for winter). 

How to use: Before using it gently shake to bottle. On the package it says to spray into wet or slightly damp hair. It fill protect the hair from heat, if you wanna use hairdryer. 

I have used it on dry hair as well and it makes it soft and give it shine. It provides instant hydration to my hair and makes it look healthier. Also it makes my hair smell so good :)

I also have noticed with this spray, that my hair is easy to comb through whenever I use it.  Another thing to keep in mind is that it lasts only 18 months from production date. 

I'm so happy I got this product. It has been wonderful and I have noticed chances in my hair from the first use. This is perfect for dry hair type, if you are interested I'll link it here. Its at the moment out of stock, but it should be back first of November.

You can get -20% off on Estonian mineral makeup brand Ontic with code laura20!

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Review: Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser

Hi loves! Today I wanna share a moisturizer I have been using in the mornings. First of all its not 100% natural product and I'm posting the review here because I reviewed their toner here (review), so I figured why not to to review the moisturizer here as well. Its the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser (50ml, 23.40 EUR) for normal/combination skin type. My skin type is oily, so it has worked out for me quite well.

This cream is light weight and I have been using it through out the summer. It comes in a squeeze tube packaging, but its also available in a jar, if you prefer this kind of packaging.. I feel my skin is not as oily when using this cream and it sinks into the skin fast and leaves it hydrated and soft. Its just what my oily skin needs for day time.

Naturally Active Ingredients:

Wheatgerm oil  - contains a lot of vitamin E, which is know powerful antioxidant.
Glycerin - is vegetable derived, it draws water into the skin and helps to hydrate it.
Beta-carotene - has antioxidant properties.
Borage oil - is one of the richest source of fatty acids, which helps lock moisture into the skin.
Hops extract - It has astringent and toning properties.
Echinacea extract - is used in herbal preparations for anything ranging from colds and flu to skin conditions.
Avocado oil - is very nutritious and a good source for vitamin E, magnesium and linoleic acid. Its essential fatty acid and leave the skin smooth and soft. 
D-panthenol - is also known as pro-vitamin B5. This vitamin B is necessary for skin's normal functioning and has moisturizing effect. Also helps simulate cell renewal.
Vitamin E -  is antioxidant, which helps to protect the skin against free radical damage, which is caused by pollution and the sun’s radiation. 

Down below you can find the full list of ingredients and their hazard levels. I also link Liz Earle ingredient philosophy here

IngredientsAqua (water), Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerin, Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, Sorbitan stearate, Borago officinalis seed oil, Polysorbate 60, Cetyl esters, Triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, Echinacea purpurea extract, Humulus lupulus (hops) extract, Beta-carotene, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium lactate, Panthenol, Parfum (fragrance), Benzoic acid, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Tocopheryl acetate, Dehydroacetic acid, Polysorbate 80, Ethylhexylglycerin, Alpha-isomethyl ionone, Limonene, Lactic acid, Linalool, Citronellol, Geraniol, Citral, Ascorbyl palmitate.

I got all the info about the ingredient hazard levels from EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (link). (Low hazardmoderate hazardhigh hazard).

This cream does have some high hazard level ingredients in it, so I would say its not for beauties with sensitive skin. It hasn't irritated my skin or caused any uncomfortable feelings or broke me out.

I'm really happy with this cream and its perfect for me on spring and summer, when the weather is warmer. In autumn and winter I do want something more richer, because I'm already in my 30s. If you have oily or combination skin you can check this cream out here.

You can get -20% off on Estonian mineral makeup brand Ontic with code laura20!

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Haul: Ilu Sõnum Fall'17

Hi loves! I'm in Estonia, because of it I just haven't had time to post this post on the weekend, like I wanted. I came for Estonian beauty fair and have been busy seeing friends and family.  In this post I wanna share all the new beauty goodies I have picked up :)

I did got one of the Glamlac nail polishes in a beauty box and really loved the formula and their nail polishes don't contain any bad ingredients. I picked up 6 shade: Chick Glitter, Cityscape, Navy Pearl, Divinity, Blind Date and Cold Night. In the fair these where 3 euros, which was great deal (in store bit over 6 euros). They do makeup gel nail polishes and other nail art products. 

I also picked up some Bellápierre goodies and I did won tickets to Ilu Sõnum from them. Thank you so much! I had so much fun <3

I did got 2 of their Shimmer 9-Stack and I got sets Fabulous and Glamour. I love their Mineral Lipsticks, so I got shade Burlesque and got one as a gift, which is in shade Couture.

I discovered a new Estonian natural beauty brand, which is called Blessix and they make luxury hair styling and skincare products. My mom got me their Hair Silk (200ml), which is with gold and vitamins. It protects the hair from could and hot, and at the same time makes my hair soft and gives it shine. It was love from first try <3 It came together with a Face & Hair Serum (9ml) and you need to use it on the ends of your hair. I use only 2 drops and it made my hair look healthier.

The last item I got from them is a skincare item and its their Silk & Shine Eye Gel. It feels super light weight and its shimmery, because it contains gold. It felt very nice, so I got it. I'll update you guys how it works out for me.

The last item is not from the fair. I got Signe Seebid Strawberry-Vanilla Face Mask (50g) from Rimi. Its packed with vitamins and its a powder mask. I like its bit different and it promises to brighten the skin, so it was no brainer I need it :)

This is it for this time! I love getting new natural beauty products from Estonia. I feel there is every time new brands on the market and I love discovering more from the brands I already know and love.

Do you know any of these brands?

You can get -20% off on Estonian mineral makeup brand Ontic with code laura20!

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Review: Bellápierre Shimmer Powders | Insist, Resonance

Hi loves! I have been playing with some bright shades from Bellápierre and its their Shimmer Powders (2.35g, 13EUR/11.20EUR).

These come in a little jars and have a shifter, so the product doesn't come out. These are ideal to use at home, but to take with you when traveling might be messy, because too much product comes out through the shifter.

The shades I picked up are Insist and Resonance. I buy their products usually when I'm in Estonia (Kaubamaja).

These are formulated with 100% pure mica powder and these are also 100% hypoallergenic and are suited for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I have sensitive eyes and these haven't caused any irritation, itchiness or felt uncomfortable on eyes.

Both shades are richly pigmented and you can see the swatches on the left. These are long lasting (I always use eyeshadow primer) and haven't creased on me and I can be sure these stay on me all day without fading.

You can get fall out with these, because it is a loose shadow. I always tap of my brush, that way I don't get any fall out and I don't ruin my base.

  • Insist - is a bright green with shimmer in it. I have been wearing it on the lid, but it also looks beautiful smudged on lower lash line for pop of colour. I love the shimmer is very fine and on the swatch it doesn't come out.
  • Resonance - is a bright pink and its also shimmery shadow. When light hits it, it has a gorgeous purple sheen to it. I have been doing winged out liner with it and the effect is amazing.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron oxides. May contain: Carmine.

I'm so happy I picked these up! I love how richly these are pigmented and how easy it is to work with these. It can be messy, but when you are careful its not an issue. I can't wait to add more of their loose shimmer powders in my collection :) If you are in Estonia you can find these beauties here and rest of Europe can find them here.

Do you use loose shadows?

You can get -20% off on Estonian mineral makeup brand Ontic with code laura20!

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Review: Ontic Minerals Mineral Pressed Eyeshadows & Pro Soft Pressed Foundation

Hi loves! Today I'm happy to share with you some new products from Ontic Minerals. They are company, which makes natural mineral makeup. Their products are not tested on animals and the formula is vegan.

I love their mineral loose shadows (review) and also their mineral foundation (review), but now they have also pressed shadows (6.50 EUR) and they came out with Pro Soft Pressed Foundation (8g, 26.95 EUR). I'm in shade PP04 Stories From Ivory Coast.

I love they came out with a magnetic palette as well, where I can put all of their pressed eyeshadows. Its quite big and will fit 18 of their shadows. The palette is 14.95 EUR (link), some reason I was thinking it was 10, but its still cheaper then the Z palette. 

I have six of their shadows and one is their Earth Mix Trio (link, 6g, 18.95 EUR). Its the trio on the second row. I like I can easily remove the shadows from the little palette and put them all together into the magnetic palette. You can see all the other pressed shadows here.

The formula of the shadows feels buttery to the touch and I love how pigmented these are. These are perfect shades to wear everyday. These all have glow to them, which brightens up any I look I do. These apply evenly and is easy to blend out. I have used just these shadows to create looks and also used other powder shadows with these, and they work very well. I haven't has any issues and these don't cause any irritation to my eyes and I do have sensitive eyes. I did experience bit of fall out when using these, but only if I didn't tap off the excess. Down below you can see all the shadows swatched.

These lasted on me so well. I always wear eyeshadow primer with any eye look I do. These didn't crease through out the day or lose the color intensity. I super happy with these shadows <3

I also have been trying out their Pro Soft Pressed Foundation in shade Stories From the Ivory Coast (link) and it has SPF15. This is for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It absorbs oil, hides redness and imperfections. It comes in a sleek cardboard packaging, has mirror and closes magnetically. Its available in 4 different shades. 

I most times go for the liquid foundation or I'll go for the loose mineral foundation from Ontic Minerals. I don't use contact powder as my base. But I do like to have a compact powder with me on the go and I have been carrying around this one. I have oily skin and I do need to do touch up through out the day and this has been my saver. It takes away oiliness, makes matte and gives me bit of extra coverage where I need it. It doesn't make me look powdery and its so convenient to use, plus it feels light weight on skin.

If you want to try out mineral makeup, which is 100% natural, I highly recommend trying out Ontic Minerals (link). You can get -20% off your order with a code laura20 (its not a affiliate code).

Down below you can find a video me using these gorgeous new pressed shadows:

Thanks for reading! xo's

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Review: Signe Seebid Body Scrub | Orange

Hi loves! I'm back with another review and this week I have for you Signe Seebid Body Scrub with Orange (200g, 9.40 EUR). They make 100% natural beauty products and Signe Seebid is from Estonia.

The scrub comes in a glass jar and the product is so natural, that you can use the jar to store jam after the product is over. It doesn't contain any artificial fragrances, preservatives or toners.

This is sugar scrub and its chunky, which is my kind of a scrub. I like how well it cleanses my skin and gets all the dead skin cells and dirt off. Its also very hydrating, if you have dry skin (specially on winter) you will love it. When I use this scrub, I skip the shower gel, because it cleanses the skin so well. 

This is Orange flavor is delicious and wakes me up, when I use it in the mornings. The scrub smells good in the shower, but the scent doesn't linger on my skin too long, which I like, because I can go in with my parfume. 

Ingredients: Sucrose (sugar), Vitis vinifera (grape seed oil), glycerin (vegetable), tocopherol (vitamin E), Citrus sinensis (sweet orange ether oil).

I'm so happy with this scrub and I want to try more of their scrubs and other bath products. This smells amazing and I love the fact I don't need to hydrate my skin after the shower. It has never happened to me before. I have very dry skin on my legs and it surprised me, that my legs felt so comfortable after using it.

Its available on Kaubamaja (link) for Estonia and I did found a Finnish page, which doesn't ship outside of Finland, but when your there you can get your hands on it. Here is the link.

Thanks for reading! xo's